Help your students

their gifts for ministry.

Engage is a fresh approach to getting young people involved in doing ministry. We believe students are not the “church of tomorrow” but one of the greatest sources of untapped potential in our churches and communities.


Engage helps students find their place in the body of Christ, convincing them that they are the Church of today and motivating them to start using their God-given gifts and abilities for Christ.


As students discover their gifts, Engage helps them to develop those gifts through practice, coaching, and presenting with the goal of developing those gifts through continual use.


As a student discovers and develops their gifts they need a natural outlet to deploy them. Engage gives students a vision and platform for using their gifts in unique and exciting ways.

How Does it Work?

The program happens in 3 stages over the course of a school year.

Stage 1

Students are guided through the process of exploring their gifts, talents, and abilities.
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Stage 2

Then they sharpen and use those gifts through practice, coaching, and a regional competition.
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Stage 3

Finally, qualifying students will have the opportunity to travel to our national competition.
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Jump Right In

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How Can Engage Help Your Ministry?

“With students leaving the church in record numbers one of the best ways to stop this alarming trend is by connecting students to the Local Church in ‘real’ ministry.”Brandon
“Students just may be the greatest source of untapped potential in the entire church setting. Why aren’t we actively seeking to get them involved in a more radical way?” Dwight
“Engage is by far one of the most effective means of ministry training out there today. There’s almost nothing like getting students in a hands-on learning environment to teach them what true ministry is. All three of my children learned a love for ministry by doing engage.” John